EquiCrown®: The Trusted Choice for Equine Compression Bandages

EquiCrown®: The Trusted Choice for Equine Compression Bandages


In the world of equine health and performance, proper leg care and protection are essential. EquiCrown® offers a range of innovative compression products that are highly recommended by veterinarians, trainers, and horse owners alike. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using EquiCrown® products and share testimonials from satisfied customers who have experienced the positive impact of these bandages on their horses' wellbeing.

What is EquiCrown®?

EquiCrown® is a brand specializing in compression bandages for horses, designed to provide support, reduce swelling, and promote healing. The product range includes the ACTIVES, Silver FITS, and standard FITS.

EquiCrown® FITS

The FITS provide support and helping to reduce swelling. They are perfect for horses with existing injuries or are prone to stocking up. With the two row hook and eye closure system, they are adjustable and great for use in the stall or trailer.

EquiCrown® Silver FITS

The Silver FITS bandages are designed for horses with sensitive skin, as the silver-infused fabric helps to reduce irritation. They are ideal for dermatitis, cellulitis, lymphangitis or any other conditions with a risk of infection or skin irritation during recovery.

EquiCrown® ACTIVES

EquiCrown® ACTIVE compression bandages are versatile and can be used for various purposes, including injury prevention, exercise support, and recovery. The anatomical fit and breathable materials make them suitable for long-term use without causing discomfort.

Benefits of EquiCrown® Products

EquiCrown® compression products offer numerous benefits for horses, including:

Injury Support and Recovery

EquiCrown® products are designed to provide support and reduce swelling in injured legs, promoting faster healing and recovery.

Injury Prevention

By providing consistent compression and support, EquiCrown® bandages can help prevent injuries from occurring during exercise or turnout.

Enhanced Performance

The use of compression bandages can improve circulation and reduce muscle fatigue, leading to better overall performance.

Customer Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of using EquiCrown® products:

Bayley Russell

Bayley uses the EquiCrown ACTIVE bandages for her OTTB gelding before and after lessons, finding them highly effective in maintaining her horse's leg health. She was introduced to the brand by a friend who also uses and loves EquiCrown® bandages. Bayley is now considering investing in the EquiCrown Silver FITS for horse showing and appreciates the excellent customer service provided by EquiCrown® Canada.

Angela Stickley

Angela's veterinarian recommended EquiCrown® ACTIVE compression bandages for her 3-year-old Oldenburg, Finn, who injured his hind left leg and was put on stall rest. The bandages provided both support and reduced swelling, significantly aiding in Finn's recovery. Upon clearance from the vet, Angela continued using the compression bandages as recommended by EquiCrown® Canada.

Elle Woolley

Elle is currently chasing scores to earn a spot on the US Paralympic team with her Hanoverian gelding, Deucalion. After a hind leg injury, she started using EquiCrown® compression bandages as an essential tool for leg health and injury prevention. The bandages offer compression while maintaining a full range of motion, and their breathability keeps Deucalion's legs cool even during hot Florida summers.

Carmi Reimer

Carmi has been using EquiCrown® compression bandages for a couple of years and loves their lightweight, durable, and safe design for paddock use. The bandages help prevent Adagio from stocking up, especially in the summer.

Carol Mervis

Carol discovered EquiCrown compression bandages through a seminar run by EquiCrown® Canada. Using the ACTIVES for her dressage horse with roughed-up fibers in the hind legs, she noticed renewed energy in her horse's gaits. Carol highly recommends EquiCrown® for their innovative products and excellent service.

Gale Winston

Gale found guidance from EquiCrown® Canada invaluable for choosing the right bandage style and usage schedule for her horse with dropping fetlocks and suspensory issues. The results were incredible, visibly improving her horse's comfort during its senior years.

G. Davey

Davey's horse, Skip, suffered a Deep Digital Flexor Tendon (DDFT) injury. His veterinarian recommended EquiCrown® compression bandages, which provided better results than he had hoped for. He strongly recommends EquiCrown® for horses with connective tissue injuries.

    Heather Fabian

    Heather's horse visibly became more comfortable after using EquiCrown® ACTIVES. Unlike standing wraps, these bandages did not slip or roll down and kept the horse's legs cool. Heather is grateful for EquiCrown™ Canada's guidance and support in helping her horse return to riding.

    Kelly Rutland

    Kelly's horse, Tango, had leg issues that needed addressing. EquiCrown™ ACTIVES helped prevent stocking up from long periods of standing during movie shoots and lesson activities, even in hot climates. Tango's legs are now ready for both film and riding lessons, thanks to EquiCrown™ Canada.

    Liana Lundy

    Liana used EquiCrown® FIT & ACTIVES to aid a broodmare with an SDFT injury on her veterinarian's recommendation. The mare's recovery was faster than expected, and Liana is grateful to her vet and EquiCrown™ Canada.


    EquiCrown® compression bandages have proven to be an invaluable tool for horse owners, trainers, and veterinarians alike. With their range of products designed to provide support, reduce swelling, and promote healing, EquiCrown® has established itself as a trusted choice in the equine industry. The numerous testimonials from satisfied customers further demonstrate the effectiveness of these innovative compression bandages in improving the health, comfort, and performance of horses. Whether you're dealing with an existing injury or looking to prevent future issues, EquiCrown® offers a reliable and well-researched solution for all your horse's leg care needs.


    Can EquiCrown® products be used for injury prevention as well as recovery?

    • Yes, EquiCrown® compression bandages can be used both for injury prevention and to aid in the recovery process of injured horses.

    Are EquiCrown® bandages suitable for long-term use?

    • Yes, EquiCrown® bandages are designed with an anatomical fit and breathable materials, making them suitable for long-term use without causing discomfort.

    How do EquiCrown® compression bandages enhance a horse's performance?

    • The use of compression bandages can improve circulation and reduce muscle fatigue, leading to better overall performance.

    Can EquiCrown® bandages be used during horse shows?

    • Refer to your discipline’s governing body on whether use of EquiCrown® is acceptable in your classes. The EquiCrown®bandages can be used for trailering and stalling at shows to keep your horse’s legs ready to perform.

    Are EquiCrown® products recommended by veterinarians?

    • Yes, many veterinarians recommend EquiCrown® compression products for their effectiveness in providing support, reducing swelling, and promoting healing in horses.