How EquiCrown® compression bandages work


EquiCrown® compression bandages activate and support the lymphatic system in the horse's leg through the application of an external pressure. EquiCrown® promotes the drainage of lymph (lymphatic fluid) thereby leading to a thinner and healthier leg.

The precisely distributed, externally acting pressure activates the venous and lymphatic systems and promotes lymph drainage. The pressure exerted by the EquiCrown® compression bandage decreases from the bottom to the top (from the fetlock joint upwards).

Thanks to the special knitting technology employed, the exact anatomical shape of the horse's leg can be taken into consideration to produce a well defined compression pressure gradient while at the same time avoiding constriction of the leg.

The EquiCrown® compression bandages achieve optimum results when they are combined with suitable therapeutic measures. In particular in the case of horses with chronically swollen legs, a holistic treatment approach combining manual lymph drainage, compression bandages (e.g. as recommended by Peter Denius) and exercise is essential.


In human medicine applications, 4 different compression classes (CCL) are used:

  • CCL 1: mild compression
  • CCL 2: moderate compression
  • CCL 3: strong compression
  • CCL 4: very strong compression

For the EquiCrown® bandages, we have selected a CCL 1 compression pressure, which is entirely adequate for the sensitive legs of horses. A higher pressure would be too much.