What is EquiCrown®

The innovative solution for healthy horse legs

EquiCrown® medical compression bandages for horses. They are characterized by their anatomically perfect fit and precisely defined compression pressure. Both blood circulation and lymph flow will be stimulated and supported. Lymph fluid and harmful substances in the horse's leg are transported away faster.

EquiCrown® was developed on the basis of over 100 years of experience in human medical compression therapy. EquiCrown® is already successfully being used by professional riders like Grischa Ludwig (German and European horse reining champion), Sybille Markert-Beaumer (second place in the German endurance championship), Lisa Carlsen, Canadian Equestrian Jumping Team, Robbie Davis, US hall of fame jockey/trainer.


Because of their size and anatomy, horses have a very complex lymphatic system extending through their entire body parallel to the blood circulation system. The lymphatic system supports their body's immune system. A horse has about 8,000 lymph nodes distributed throughout their entire body; humans have only about 400 to 600. Lymph nodes clean and detoxify lymphatic fluid given off from blood vessels in the horse's body.

Overall, a horse's lymph flow is relatively slow and kept up especially through movements. If a horse has to stand still for a prolonged period of time, stasis may occur in the lymphatic system, and legs may swell. To support the lymphatic system in such cases, an EquiCrown® compression bandage may be used in addition to movement of lymph drainage. Attention: Only use EquiCrown® if the horse has no fever! The source of any fever must be investigated first.

For the horse's health and well-being, it is important that the lymphatic system works well.

For more about the Lymphatic System check out these articles:
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EquiCrown® compression bandages are effective due to their graduated compression from bottom to top. EquiCrown® bandages activate and support the lymphatic system and actively promote the reduction of lymphatic fluids. The horse's leg will become thinner and fitter.

In case of problems, such as chronically thick legs, EquiCrown® may be used as a supplement to a holistic therapy as a support for the lymphatic system. Depending on the specific indication, application and period of wear should be discussed with the veterinarian or therapist.

® Silver is Antibacterial
Due to a thread with silver ions knitted into the fabric, EquiCrown® Silver has antibacterial effects. Bacteria on the horse's skin (e.g. staphylococcus aureus) will be counteracted; mud fever and inclusion my be prevented. EquiCrown® Silver is generally suitable for the treatment of skin problems in horses.  Learn more about EquiCrown® Silver and its uses.