EquiCrown® Compression Bandages: Transforming Equine Health and Performance - Real-Life Testimonials

EquiCrown® Compression Bandages: Transforming Equine Health and Performance - Real-Life Testimonials

Persephone Greco-Otto's Testimony: Dressage Work with Warmblood Mare

Persephone Greco-Otto, a dressage rider from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, purchased EquiCrown® ACTIVE bandages for her Warmblood mare. She found that the bandages fit the horse's leg contours perfectly, ensuring consistent pressure and easy application due to the zipper. The time and effort required to put on and remove the bandages were comparable to boots and much less than polos.

Benefits of EquiCrown® ACTIVE

EquiCrown® ACTIVE bandages provide consistent pressure across all legs, fitting comfortably without impeding movement or range of motion during lateral work. After removal, the horse's legs remain tight and cool, supporting the horse's lower legs effectively and safely.

Rachelle Reichert's Testimony: Managing Lymphangitis in American Saddlebred

Rachelle Reichert from Alberta, Canada, has been using EquiCrown® bandages on her American Saddlebred, Hallie, for over 3 years. Hallie sustained a traumatic injury, which led to chronic lymphangitis and ended her show career. With EquiCrown® bandages on all four legs, Rachelle saw immediate improvement and managed Hallie's lymphangitis without drug intervention.

Role of EquiCrown® in Hallie's Recovery

EquiCrown® Compression Bandages played a crucial role in Hallie's recovery, helping to manage her lymphangitis and allowing her to live a more comfortable life.

Rob Wedel's Testimony: Longevity and Durability of EquiCrown® Bandages

Rob Wedel from Canada purchased EquiCrown® compression bandages a year ago and found them to be long-lasting and durable. The bandages have maintained their shape and support, despite daily use. The zipper remains functional, although it can be challenging to do up.

Tips for Using EquiCrown® Bandages

Rob recommends covering the bandages with an old set of splint boots when on the trail to protect against snags. However, this is not necessary in the arena. Overall, EquiCrown® bandages are a good investment for equine health.

Shelley May's Testimony: Improved Racing Performance in Standardbred

Shelley May from Hanover, Ontario, Canada, purchased EquiCrown® compression bandages a year ago for her Standardbred. Since then, her horse has won three consecutive races,

five races last year, and earned the title Horse of the Year in Hanover, ON. Before using EquiCrown® bandages, the horse hadn't won a race in two years.

EquiCrown®'s Impact on Winning Streak

Shelley attributes her horse's improved performance and winning streak to the use of EquiCrown® compression bandages. The wraps likely played a significant role in the horse's success on the racetrack.

Tammy Peat's Testimony: Addressing Lymphangitis and Stocked Up Legs

Tammy Peat from the UK has found EquiCrown® products invaluable for reducing and maintaining equine legs in cases of lymphangitis, fibrotic, and stocked up legs. She has used both EquiCrown® FITS and ACTIVES, which she describes as easy to apply and effective in providing pressure to equine limbs, reducing edema and promoting faster healing.

Benefits of EquiCrown® FITS and ACTIVES

EquiCrown® FITS and ACTIVES are both essential tools for keeping equine legs healthy. The stylish design and effectiveness in addressing various leg conditions make them a popular choice among horse owners. EquiCrown® Canada has been instrumental in helping Tammy learn more about these products.


EquiCrown® compression bandages have proven to be highly beneficial for various horse owners and their equine partners. From dressage work to managing lymphangitis and improving racing performance, these bandages offer a reliable, effective solution for supporting horses' lower legs. The testimonials of satisfied customers showcase the value of EquiCrown® products in maintaining and improving equine health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using EquiCrown® compression bandages for dressage work?

  1. EquiCrown® compression bandages provide consistent pressure across all legs, fit comfortably without impeding movement, and keep the horse's legs tight and cool after removal.

How do EquiCrown® bandages help manage lymphangitis?

  1. EquiCrown® bandages provide consistent compression to equine limbs, which helps to reduce edema and promote faster healing of the affected areas.

Are EquiCrown® bandages durable and long-lasting?

  1. Yes, EquiCrown® bandages have been reported to maintain their shape and support even after daily use for an extended period.

Can EquiCrown® bandages improve racing performance?

  1. While individual results may vary, some customers have reported improved racing performance in their horses after using EquiCrown® bandages.

What is the difference between EquiCrown® FITS and ACTIVES?

  1. Both EquiCrown® FITS and ACTIVES are designed to address various leg conditions, but they differ in design and specific applications. Consult with EquiCrown® representatives for guidance on the most suitable product for your horse's needs.