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#Frequently asked questions

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What is the difference between EquiCrown® compression braces and normal braces?
EquiCrown® are medical compression braces for horses. They are characterized by their anatomical fit and produce a predefined pressure that stimulates blood and lymph circulation in the horse's leg as well as gently massaging the leg. The breathable bandages are available in standard sizes and or as customized bandages. Thanks to their special knit and optimum compression, they promote and support both lymphatic flow and blood circulation. This contributes to a faster recovery of the horse's legs.
When should EquiCrown® be used?
EquiCrown® can be used for a wide variety of indications:
  • to support lymphatic flow and blood circulation
  • swollen legs
  • soft windgalls (not yet hardened)
  • (recent) ganglions
  • postoperatively, to avoid swelling (e.g. after operative treatment of the plantar annular ligament)
  • for postoperative wound care (e.g. after an arthroscopy)
  • postoperative or posttraumatic swelling
  • for injuries (e.g. suspensory ligament, tendon injuries, etc)
  • wound and scar treatment
  • as support when resuming movement (after operations, immobilization, etc)
  • following exertion and overexertion
  • as a prophylactic (e.g. during training)
  • for long transports
What exactly is meant by compression?
Compression has been used successfully in medicine for humans for many decades now, in particular to improve lymphedema and to maintain good therapy results or in scar therapy (e.g. after burns). The same applies to horses. The compression directs the accumulated lymphatic fluid back up the leg to the lymph nodes where it will then be further transported into the venous system. This produces a thinner, more defined and more agile leg.
What materials are EquiCrown® compression braces made from?
74% polyamide, 17% elastane, 9% viscose. More about materials.
How many hours per day can EquiCrown® compression braces be worn?
EquiCrown® compression braces can, if necessary, be worn continuously over a 24 hour period but should be removed now and then to ventilate the horse's leg depending on indication or requirements. A few hours of wearing is often sufficient, however. The period of wearing should be increased slowly (e.g. beginning with just 1 hour).
How long can EquiCrown® compression braces be used?
If worn daily and washed on a regular basis, EquiCrown® compression braces can be used for at least 6 months.
Can EquiCrown® compression braces also be worn during riding?
Yes, EquiCrown® compression braces can be worn during phases of rest as well as during riding or movement, e.g. during a light training session (without fast galloping) or when reintroducing training after a tendon injury, etc.
Can EquiCrown® compression braces be damaged by water, ointments or the sun?
No, EquiCrown® compression braces cannot be damaged by water (washable at 40 C), and are sun and ointment resistant.
Can EquiCrown® compression braces slip?
Yes, this can happen if the horse has (mildly) swollen legs and the braces are worn during riding. The movement can lead to a reduction in the circumference of the horse’s leg which could cause the bandage to slip slightly. The change of coat (especially from winter to summer coat) may cause the bandage to slip, due to shedding.
Are EquiCrown® bandages also suitable for horses kept in an open stable?
In principle this is not a problem. You should take into consideration, however, how muddy the open stable is. You may need to remove the bandage more often to clean the leg and avoid chafing points.
What is the difference between Back on Track and EquiCrown?
Back on Track works with infrared heat. EquiCrown compression bandages, on the other hand, work with pressure that is applied from the outside.
How do I determine the correct size for my horse?
To determine the correct size for your horse, you need to take two measurements:
  • Measurement 1: largest circumference of the fetlock
  • Measurement 2: circumference at middle of cannon bone
Ensure that the tape measure is not too loose while taking the measurement, because the bandages must fit snugly against the skin to produce their compression effect.
Can EquiCrown® also be worn in conjunction with gaiters?
Generally speaking it is possible to wear the compression braces under the gaiters. You need to ensure, however, that the gaiter does not apply pressure to the brace's fastener or cause the brace to slide down. For longer trips, EquiCrown® compression bandages can be worn under the gaiters to support the lymphatic system.
Why does EquiCrown® also come in a version with knitted-in silver threads?
The silver ions in the threads help protect against bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus (a bacterial infection). EquiCrown® is therefore also beneficial in the case of skin damage, horses with sensitive skin, for the prevention of lymphangitis, and for malanders. Learn more about the benefits of silver in bandages.
Can EquiCrown® trigger an allergic reaction?
EquiCrown® compression braces have been awarded "Oeko-Tex Standard 100" certification. This guarantees that only materials that are completely harmless to humans and the environment are used in their manufacture. All other products from Juzo that are used in medicine for humans also bear the CE marking, and therefore fulfill all the requirements of the Medical Products Act.
Can the compression braces be applied to healed wounds?
a) Yes, the braces can be applied to healed wounds, provided the wounds are completely closed. b) In the case of fresh wounds, the bandages can be worn on top of wound dressings.
Can heat accumulation occur under the compression bandage?
No, heat cannot accumulate because the material has an open weave knit and therefore is permeable to air.
Can EquiCrown® compression braces lead to constriction?
No, when the correct size is used, the defined compression ensures that no construction can arise because it is not possible to tighten the braces too much as is the case with conventional braces.
Are EquiCrown® braces washable?
Yes, EquiCrown® compression braces are machine washable at 40 °C. Click here for more care instructions.
How frequently should EquiCrown® braces be washed?
If used on a daily basis, the compression braces should be washed at least once a week to restore compression. Every wash restores the brace to its original shape - thereby restoring their full compressive effect. Click here for more care instructions.