Customer Testimonials: EquiCrown® Compression Bandages for Horses

Customer Testimonials: EquiCrown® Compression Bandages for Horses

EquiCrown® compression bandages have made a significant impact on the health and well-being of horses dealing with various injuries and conditions. In this article, we will share the positive experiences and feedback from customers who have used these products to support their horses' recovery.

Overcoming Suspensory Injuries and Reducing Heat Build-up

Julie Nadeau, DVM from Ontario, had concerns about the heat build-up under traditional wrapping for her horse, Tookie, who was dealing with a suspensory injury requiring stall rest and overnight wrapping. Julie turned to EquiCrown® Canada and ordered a set of FITS, which helped Tookie recover from a peripheral lesion on the deep digital flexor tendon more effectively than traditional wraps.

Providing Leg Support during Hauling, Stalling, and Events

Kristin Scott from Alberta, Canada, won EquiCrown® FIT bandages at an event and was impressed by their performance on her horse, Duke. The FITS bandages provided the necessary support for cooling Duke's tendons during hauling, after making runs, and even between events. Kristin found the FITS to be her favorite item in her tack box, particularly when Duke was stalled overnight.

Healing Traumatic Wounds on Fetlock Joints

Laura Ross, DVM from Nova Scotia, Canada, used EquiCrown® Silver FITS on her yearling Welsh pony filly, Princess Sparkle, who had a large traumatic wound on her right fetlock joint. After applying the Silver FITS, Princess Sparkle's wound showed immediate improvement in the contracture of the scar tissue, and her mobility in the boots increased significantly. The edema and heat in her leg subsided, allowing her to function like a normal 2-year-old pony.

Recovering from Deep Digital Flexor Tendon (DDFT) Injuries

Leona Dries, DVM from Austria, attended a clinic presented by EquiCrown® Canada in Wellington, Florida. Shortly after returning home, her horse suffered a traumatic DDFT injury. Drawing on the knowledge she gained at the clinic, Leona ordered EquiCrown® ACTIVE, which helped reduce swelling in her horse's leg within five days and facilitated a full recovery.

Advantages of EquiCrown® Compression Bandages

These customer testimonials highlight several key benefits of using EquiCrown® compression bandages, including:

  1. Improved support for horses with leg injuries and health issues
  2. Reduced heat build-up compared to traditional wraps
  3. Faster recovery times for wounds and injuries
  4. Effective management of chronic conditions, such as suspensory injuries and traumatic wounds

Selecting the Right EquiCrown® Product

EquiCrown® offers a variety of products tailored to address specific equine health needs in addition to use for general leg care and support:

  1. EquiCrown® Silver: Ideal for cellulits, mud fever and post-surgical care
  2. EquiCrown® FITS: Designed to assist with various health issues, including suspensory injuries and traumatic wounds
  3. EquiCrown® ACTIVE: Suitable for horses with deep digital flexor tendon injuries and can be used for riding and turnout

For guidance on choosing the most appropriate product for your horse's needs, consult with EquiCrown® Canada.


The positive experiences shared in this article demonstrate the impressive results that EquiCrown® compression band bandages can achieve for horses with various health issues and injuries. By providing enhanced support, reducing heat build-up, and accelerating recovery times, these products have significantly improved the well-being of horses and satisfied their owners.

EquiCrown® compression bandages have emerged as a reliable and effective solution for equine health needs, from suspensory injuries to traumatic wounds. As more customers continue to share their success stories, it's clear that these products are making a positive difference in the lives of horses and their caregivers.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a trusted and innovative solution to support your horse's recovery or maintain their leg health, consider EquiCrown® compression bandages. By consulting with the experts at EquiCrown® Canada and selecting the right product for your horse's specific needs, you can give your equine companion the best chance at a healthy and happy life.